Monday, 17 of December of 2018

This Week’s Service



December 16, 2018

Morning Service


The Song of Assembly

Emmanuel, Emmanuel…164


Greeting and Announcements


Call to Worship


Our Response



Worship in Scripture Reading

Isaiah 9.6-7 (p. 573 or 729)


Worship in Prayer


Worship in Scripture Reading

John 1.1 & 14-18 (p. 886 or 1127)


Worship in Special Music



Worship in Tithes and Offerings


Worship in Congregational Singing

What Child Is This?……….998

Oh How Good It Is….….ovrhd


Worship in the Word of God

“The Gift We Need: Part 1”

John 1.1 & 14-18

Associate Pastor Richard Walker


Worship in Song

Good Christian Men Rejoice…ovrhd







Evening Service





Worship in Song

His Name Is Wonderful…163


Worship in Giving


Worship in Special Music

Children’s Choir – “Go Tell It on the Mountain”


Worship in Song

The Birthday of a King.……………….ovrhd

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day…ovrhd


Worship in the Word of God

“The Most Obedient Man”

Matthew 1.18

Mr. Paul Tuttle


Worship in Song

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen…ovrhd


Closing Prayer



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Morning Service:                Evening Service: 

Dean Cook                                Sun Wan

Mark Yeske                               Russ Bennett



Nursery Helpers:


Morning Nursery:                      PreK:                             Evening Service:

Maggie MacElhiney                   Jill Birmingham            Kim Wan

Shelly Formus                              Megan                             Jacqui Kadamandla


Cleaning Crew:

Linda H, Walkers