Wednesday, 17 of October of 2018

This Week’s Service



October 14, 2018

Morning Service


The Song of Assembly

I Will Serve You…605


Greeting and Announcements


Call to Worship


Our Response

Gloria Patri…insert


Worship in Scripture Reading

Acts 1.1-11 (p. 909 or 1156)


Worship in Prayer


Worship in Scripture Reading

Psalm 11 (p. 452 or 574)


Worship in Special Music

Choir – “Revelation Song”


Worship in Tithes and Offerings


Worship in Congregational Singing

Lead On, O King Eternal…411

Speak, O Lord……….….ovrhd


Worship in the Word of God


Psalm 11

Pastor Emeritus George H. Heiland


Worship in Song

Just a Closer Walk with Thee…406







Evening Service



Worship in Song

The Joy of the Lord…580


Worship in Giving


Worship in Song

Glory to His Name…475

Rock of Ages……….454


Worship in the Word of God

“The Wise Men”

John 14.21-31

Pastor Emeritus George H. Heiland


Worship in Song

You Are My Hiding Place…441


Closing Prayer




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Morning Service:                Evening Service: 

Jim LaChance                           Trevor Bell

Dean Cook                                  Mark Yeske



Nursery Helpers:


Morning Nursery:                      PreK:                             Evening Service:

Maggie MacElhiney                Jill Birmingham              Alyssa O’Keefe

Shelly Formus                         Megan                                Rebeca Bell


Cleaning Crew:

Mark, Formuses