Thursday, 25 of April of 2019

This Week’s Service



April 21, 2019

Morning Service


The Song of Assembly

Choir – “Easter Song”


Greeting and Announcements


Call to Worship


Our Response

May Jesus Christ Be Praised…insert


Worship in Scripture Reading

Exodus 12.7-13  (p. 53 or 68)


Worship in Prayer


Worship in Scripture Reading

Romans 14.5-9  (p. 948 or 1206)


Worship in Special Music

Choir – “Resurrection Chant”


Worship in Tithes and Offerings


Worship in Congregational Singing

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today…………345

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us…ovrhd


Worship in the Word of God

“Lord of the Living and the Dead”

Romans 14.5-9

Pastor Richard Walker


Worship in Song

Low in the Grave He Lay…344







No Evening Service


The Lord is risen!

He is risen indeed!




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Morning Service:                Evening Service: 

Jim LaChance                            Steve Fisher

Jim McDougal                           Dean Cook



Nursery Helpers:


Morning Nursery:                      PreK:                             Evening Service:

Maggie MacElhiney                 Jill Birmingham

Shelly Formus                            Megan



Cleaning Crew:

Mark, Formuses