Monday, 25 of June of 2018

This Week’s Service



June 24, 2018

Morning Service

Please stand for the Posting of the Colors

The Pledge of Allegiance

Please join in singing The Star-Spangled Banner


Special Music

Choir – “Salute to the Armed Forces”

Veterans – please stand as your branch is recognized

Greeting and Announcements


Call to Worship


Our Response

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise…insert


Worship in Scripture Reading

Joshua 1.7-9 (p.178 or 226)


Worship in Prayer


Worship in Scripture Reading

2 Timothy 2.1-5 (p. 995 or 1268)

Worship in Tithes and Offerings


Worship in Congregational Singing

America the Beautiful…………….1007

O Church Arise………….…………ovrhd


Worship in the Word of God

Standing Fast

2 Timothy 2.1-5

Pastor Emeritus George H. Heiland


Worship in Song

Eternal Father, Strong to Save…1022



Please remain standing for the Retiring of the Colors





Evening Service




Worship in Song

Give Thanks…68


Worship in Giving


Worship in Song

Like a River Glorious………………25

Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?…324


Worship in the Word of God

“Working It Out in Philippi:

Take Two Servants and Call Me in the Morning”

Philippians 2.19-30

Associate Pastor Dana Steele


Worship in Song

All Because of God’s Amazing Grace…327


Closing Prayer





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Morning Service:                Evening Service: 

Trevor Bell                                  Steve Fisher

Sun Wan                                      Mike Brown




Nursery Helpers:


Morning Nursery:                      PreK:                             Evening Service:

Maggie MacElhiney                 Rebeca Bell                   Richelle Walker

Shelly Formus                           Jill Birmingham           Katie O’Keefe


Cleaning Crew:

Linda H, Walkers